Assessment at Christ Church

Principles of Assessment

As part of the 2013 Primary Assessment and Accountability consultation, The Department for Education consulted on a set of core principles to underpin effective assessment systems within schools.

The principles are designed by the school to help implement arrangements for assessing pupils’ progress against our school curriculum. Our Assessment Principles run through our school and are evident in the day to day activities within it.

Christ Church: Assessment Principles

Year One phonic check

All children in Year 1 will participate in a phonics check.

This assessment will be administered by Miss Briggs and Miss Faragher during the week commencing 11th June 2018

Parents are called in to discuss the results of this assessment.


Children in Year 2 and Year 6 are assessed during May. The results of these assessments are reported annually to parents. 

2016 was the first year of the new style testing. SATs week is week commencing 14th May 2018.

The school are offering several information sessions about assessment. If you have any questions relating to assessment, please speak to Miss S Jones, Deputy headteacher.

Marking and assessment

We aim to provide feedback to children through marking so that they have specific advice about improvements to their work. Children are given time to read and review their work following marking. Children are encouraged to reflect and respond when they have finished their work to show their level of understanding and to add a comment if possible.

For more information refer to our Academic Guidance Policy

Key Stage 2 Performance 2016

  • 47% of pupils attained the expected standard in Reading

  • 53% of pupils achieved the expected standard in Writing

  • 58% of pupils achieved the expected standard in writing

  • 58% of pupils achieved the expected standard in EGAPs

  • 37% attained the expected standard in reading, Writing and Maths combined

Key Stage 2 Performance 2015

88.2% of pupils achieved Level 4+ in Reading, Writing, GaPS and Mathematics

41% of Pupils achieved Level 5+in Reading, Writing, GaPS and Mathematics

1 pupil achieved Level 6 in GaPS

You can view KS2 performance tables on the Department for Educations’ website.