Eco Council

Meet the Eco Team:

Year 1: Kayleigh and Alfie

Year 2: Shea and Olivia

Year 3: Alfie and Alishia

Year 4: Luke and Finlay

Year 5: Chloe and Charlie

Year 6: John-Paul and Kelsey

Each half term we will be carrying out exciting campaigns based on our nine eco topics to help make our school more Eco friendly!

Eco Council

 We have a very successful Eco Council who lead eco activities in our school. Our Eco Council meet regularly to discuss ways to reduce, reuse and recycle and to protect our environment.  They work to achieve our eco action plan and raise awareness of green issues within school. This gives our children the chance to discuss ways to make our school kinder to our planet. 

Each class elects an eco-councillor to represent the class for the year and they take part in activities such as planting, tidying up the school grounds and the park and generally having outdoor fun! Last year we were rewarded for all our Eco hard work by winning the Cool Climate Challenge Award 2018!