History of our school

Christ Church had a day school from the time it opened in 1849.

The large room under the east end of the church was used as a classroom where boys and girls were taught to read and write and to master arithmetic.  This was before the act of 1870 when schooling became compulsory. 

760 children attended the school in the schoolroom below the church.


At the Annual Vestry Meeting of 1880, it was reported that the school was full to overflowing and that a separate school building was urgently needed. 

A piece of land bordering Borough Road was purchased from the Earl of Shrewsbury and a school with separate departments for boys, girls and infants was built. It was opened on St Michael’s Day, September 29th 1883. It was known as a higher grade school and had a reputation for very good teaching.

During the Second World War the school was badly damaged in an air raid on March 9th 1941. The few pupils who had not been evacuated moved into the Woodlands School and shared their building until 1954 when a new school was opened on the original site.