Governors with Specific Responsibility

Link Governors

The link governor should ultimately enrich the whole governing boards understanding  of their particular area and therefore contribute to more informed decision making.

Responsibilities for the role include:

  • Taking a special interest in a particular area of need

  • Keeping abreast of development locally and nationally

  • Making focused visits to the school

  • Having regular contact with a member of staff with relevant responsibilities

  • Monitoring how well relevant policies are operating within the school

Who are the link Governors?

  • Maths - Miss K Faulner

  • English - Mr C Stone

  • Computing - Vacancy

  • Safeguarding - Mrs J Harness

  • SEND - Mrs L Christian

  • Environment - Cllr P Cleary

  • Pupil Premium - Mr C Stone

  • Health & Safety - Miss K Taylor

  • SMSC/RE - Revd G Tetzlaff

  • PSHE - Revd A Goode