Mathematics at Christ Church

Key Staff: Mrs Y Scullion, Miss M Compton, Mrs B Seddon

At Christ Church CE Primary we firmly believe Mathematics equips pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world. Mathematics is an integral aspect of life and with this in mind we strive to ensure that all our children develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that will stay with them throughout their life.


Our planning is based around a Mastery curriculum and through high quality teaching we aim to produce individuals who are numerate, creative, independent, inquisitive, enquiring and confident. We are committed to ensuring that all pupils achieve a deep understanding of the key concepts of mathematics, appropriate for their age group, in order that they make genuine progress and avoid gaps in their understanding.  Our planning describes in detail what pupils must learn in each year group to ensure continuity and progression in their learning.


Teachers endeavour at all times to set work that is challenging, motivating and encourages the pupils to think about and talk clearly about their learning. Daily lessons are planned with a balance of varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving plus regular investigational activities to ensure that pupils develop their skills of mathematical thinking and enquiry.

We aim to provide a stimulating environment with high quality resources so that pupils can develop their mathematical skills to the full. Through teaching with a creative / investigative approach, children will learn to understand, distil and clarify information; consider what they know that will help them to solve problems, realizing what they need to know next; create systems and strategies, organizing information in a way that helps find patterns and ultimately solutions and to communicate and present their findings effectively.

 Key skills

At Christ Church CE Primary we recognise the importance of establishing a deep and secure foundation in mental calculation and recall of number facts before standard written methods are introduced. The use of accurate mathematical vocabulary is essential in all our teaching and children are expected to use it in all their verbal and written explanations. To encourage the learning of times tables we use a variety of methods including Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) which allows pupils to incrementally build up their speed and accuracy in the recall of multiplication and division facts.

 Using and applying mathematics

Mathematics contributes to many subjects and it is important the children are given opportunities to apply and use Mathematics in real contexts. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop and apply their numeracy skills throughout all curriculum subjects for example: measuring and recording results in science and technology; consideration of properties of shape and geometric patterns in technology and art and the collection and presentation of data in history and geography. Additional enrichment opportunities are provided for pupils to further develop mathematical thinking e.g. through cooking, music, and maths investigations and games.

Every Summer, we hold a Games for Gains Week where the children in each class plan, design and produce a selection of games that are played by other classes for a small charge of 1, 2 or 5p. All money raised goes to our enhancing mathematics resources across the school.

Celebrating success

Every week, in our celebration assembly, we reward those children who make a regular and concerted effort in their mathematics lessons. In addition, Times Tables Rock Star certificates are awarded to those children who have made the greatest improvements in their speed and accuracy in learning their times tables.

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Total amount of money raised from the event was £449.52. Please see our "make waves" link to see photos from the day.

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