Our Church

Christ Church Birkenhead

A parish church in the Anglican Diocese of Chester, England

Affiliation of our School

Christ Church CE Primary (Birkenhead) is an Aided Church of England establishment affiliated closely to Christ Church Church.  As such it provides Religious Education and Collective Worship in accordance with the rights, practices and doctrines of the Church of England; interpreting human knowledge to the children through Gospel; with the ethos of the school community as a whole further contributing to and reinforcing the children's spiritual and moral growth as part of their overall development. 

At Christ Church CE Primary, we are proud to be part of the Christ Church family. 

The Church plays an important role in teaching and learning at Christ Church CE Primary. Reverend Gerri Tetzlaff and Reverend Alan Goode regularly visit our school to lead Collective Worship, attend school events and visit our classes at work. Our classes visit the church as part of their Religious Education learning and also to celebrate important liturgical events throughout the year. We enjoy visiting our lovely church and look forward to these special services and celebrations of our achievements. We value this important link with the Church and the wider community. 

For more information about our church, please click on the link below: 

Christ Church, Birkenhead