School Workshops

Workshops in School

At Christ Church we aim to offer our parents a range of training and workshops, to keep them up to date with any information. Below are some of the events we have provided this year. Please click on them to see the PowerPoint from the event. All Work shops start at 2.15 unless otherwise stated.


Helping your child with writing at home - KS1 - Led by Miss Briggs

Helping your child with writing at home - KS2 - Led by Miss Briggs


19.10.17 - "Reading and writing in Year 1, including phonics screening" led by Miss N Briggs

02.11.17 - "Preparing for Year 2 SATs" led by Miss C Cummings

23.11.17 - "Reading and writing in lower KS2" led by Mr C Healey

30.11.17 - "Helping your child to read and write in EYFS" led by Miss M Compton