Vision and Values


  • To live as a Christian community, based on gospel values, which develops and nurtures each learner as an individual.


  • To develop a sense of responsibility for oneself, for ones actions, and for how such interactions impact upon others.

  • To equip learners with the confidence, resilience, skills and stamina required for lifelong learning.

  • To meet every child at their point of need and to provide the support and opportunities for them to learn and to achieve their best


  • To promote and support all learners in the development of skills for lifelong learning through a broad and balanced curriculum.


  • To broaden expectations and horizons, creating aspirations for life in order for learners to lead fulfilled and enriched lives.


  • To make use of talents, skills and facilities in partnership with the local community.


  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the wider world of our role and contribution to the global community.