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Christ Church CE Primary School

'With God,
all things are possible' (Matthew 19:26)

Attendance and Punctuality

At Christ Church CE Primary School, we believe that every child has a right to a full-time education which maximises opportunities for everyone to realise their true God-given potential. As we live out our vision, the school strives to provide a 'welcoming, caring and vibrant Christian community', whereby each member of our school community feels secure, safe happy and successful. In order to achieve this, every member of our school staff is committed to working with our children and families, to ensure everyone attends school regularly and punctually.

Attendance at Christ Church

The school has established an effective system of incentives and rewards that acknowledges the efforts of children and families to improve and maintain good attendance and timekeeping; whilst challenging the behaviour of those children and families who give low priority to attendance and punctuality. We achieve this through an effective and efficient system of communication with children, parents, staff, governors and appropriate agencies to provide mutual information, advice and support.  To support good attendance and punctuality at Christ Church, we:

  • Hold regular attendance meetings.
  • Employ a dedicated and fully committed Attendance Officer, who works closely with children and families to support and encourage good attendance and punctuality.
  • Display a thematic attendance board in every classroom which is updated weekly with each class’s attendance and shows their achievement overtime.
  • Share class attendance and attendance winners weekly through our weekly update and social media platforms.
  • Promote good attendance and punctuality around the school with whole school interactive displays.
  • Celebrate the good attendance of both individuals and classes each week in our Celebration Worship.
  • Recognise good attendance and punctuality through a range of weekly, half termly, termly and yearly incentives and rewards .
  • Ensure attendance and punctuality is given the highest strategic priority by all staff and governors at school.
  • Participate in the National Schools' Breakfast Programme to promote, improve and maintain good punctuality.
  • Liaise with our locality attendance officer to promote good attendance and punctuality in school and work with and support our most vulnerable families.


At Christ Church CE Primary School,  we classify good attendance as 97% and this is what is expected from every child. This means that any absence above 6 days will cause us concern.  



Weekly Attendance Results

Here are our attendance results for the week 28/06/24 - 04/07/24. 

Well done to Year 5 who are our attendance champions this week, with 99.2%!!!! They have won an impressive seven times this year! 

Meet Our Attendance Officers

At Christ Church, we have Attendance Ambassadors, to not only improve attendance throughout school, but to enable our pupils to role model outstanding school attendance. It provides the children with a sense of responsibility, ensuring that they can take ownership of class attendance and punctuality.

Attendance Ambassadors promote the importance of excellent attendance and punctuality at our weekly Celebration Worship and have been instrumental in developing and maintaining our interactive attendance displays. 

Future plans for our Attendance Ambassadors include:

  • Supporting the Headteacher and the Attendance Officer on the gates to promote punctuality at school.
  • Auditing and developing our rewards and incentives programme.
  • Contributing to our termly Attendance Newsletter.
  • Gathering ideas and opinions through Pupil Voice.

 Attendance Pupil Voice

In the Autumn term, our Attendance Lead, conducted an attendance survey with a sample group of children across Key Stage  1 and 2 and this what they had to say.

Question Yes No Reasons
Do you think it’s important to come to school?



You need to learn/ Education is important/ You need to be clever to go to secondary school

Do you think coming to school will make you clever? 83% 17% You have a better chance of learning at school/ It is more fun to learn with your friends

If you were off school, what reasons might you give to your teacher?

n/a n/a Illness/ COVID/ Funeral/ Moving house
If you were off school would you feel worried about coming back, why would that be? 42% 58% Worried about my attendance target/ Worried about missing work/ Needing more help to catch up
Do you like your school rewards for attendance and if yes which awards? 100% 0% £5 for 5/ Popcorn and movie afternoon/ Medals and certificates
Do you feel school talk about attendance much and how? 83% 17% We like to hear about our attendance from teachers/ We like our celebrations and rewards
Is there lots of information about attendance around your school? If so where and what is it? 92% 8% Weekly winners and class attendance boards in every classroom/ Attendance league/ Displays around school remind us about our attendance
For further information about how we promote, encourage and support good attendance and behaviour at Christ Church, please click on the icons below. 

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of our attendance and punctuality procedures and policies, please click here to arrange a meeting with the Headteacher, Mrs Tweddle, or the Attendance Officer, Mrs Baldwin.