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'With God,
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Teach a child to read and keep that child reading and we will change everything. And I mean everything.

Jean Winterson

Phonics is a method of teaching children how to read and write through individual sounds.  At Christ Church CE Primary School, we use the Read Write Inc. (RWI) phonics programme to get children in EYFS and Key Stage One, off to a flying start with their language, reading and writing skills. RWI  is a method of learning centred around the teaching of synthetic phonics using the 44 letter sounds in the English language. Each member of staff has received extensive Ruth Miskin Training, rated outstanding by Ofsted, to ensure consistent practice across the whole school. 


Word Reading

Children will learn a simple alphabetic code followed later by a more complex code. All reading books will progress cumulatively, matched to the sounds children know.

Language Comprehension

We will help children enjoy stories and poems from the minute they come into school. We know and love the books we read aloud, so children will want to hear the same story again and again. We will use similar emphases and intonation on each reading, so children can join in the retelling. Our picture books are for all children, whether they can read or not. For those who are still learning to read, we will help them retell the story. For children who are able to read, we will encourage them to enjoy reading and to retell the story events.


The use of engaging, relevant and high quality texts is central to the RWI programme, which act as stimuli for children to develop and explore their writing skills. Children write for purpose wherever possible, using the RWI programme.


Word Reading

Children learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letter groups using simple picture prompts and catchy phrases. They learn to read using  a method called 'Fred Talk'. All books read in the RWI phonics programme progress according to the children’s phonic knowledge and skills.  Home reading books are decodable, linked with each stage of the children’s phonic knowledge.

Language Comprehension

Each RWI story book includes key comprehension questions and the children show their understanding by answering questions.  As a staff, we share stories to children with love, confidence and enjoyment, every day. We organise parent workshops to support parents and ensure that they understand how important story time is at home.


Children learn to write the letters/letter groups which represent  the 44 sounds.  They are not only taught the ‘sound’ the letter makes, but also how to form the letter, using a rhyme and picture prompt . Children learn to write words by saying the sounds in 'Fred Talk'.


Word Reading

We aim for for the majority of our children to have completed the RWI phonics programme by the end of the Autumn Term in Year 2. Children are equipped with the skills and knowledge to complete the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.

Language Comprehension

Teachers know the importance of reading stories to their children every day and how to engage children in stories when reading aloud to foster a culture of reading for pleasure. Parents know the importance of reading stories to their children at home as often as possible and they know how to read stories to their children. Children are able to read books in line with their phonic knowledge, across a range of subjects and with increasing fluency. Children have high levels of engagement, comprehension and vocabulary development in the books they read.

Children apply phonic knowledge taught within the RWI phonics programme to write sentences and support spelling. 

Additional Information and Resources

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